Applied Research

The deepest spirit of Yodh Research it is identified with the love for multidisciplinar applied research: the partners' experiences, its experts' competences, its employees' experiences guarantee efficacy and success.

A special attention is devoted to the complementary competence in business administration and management aimed to support partners and clients.

Thanks to the above synergies we tuned the best conditions for each start-up working with us. 

Our network is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing market conditions, thanks to the competences of our partners and of the academic structures connected to us.

Face Recognition

A facial recognition system is a specific computer application that allows automatic identification of a person from a digital image or a video stream. The positive identification depends on the characteristics of the face of the single person, not a duplicable product.

The recognition is accurate and can be easily integrated into existing systems. Yodh Research’s software allows to fight fraud, identify thieves, to protect access and much more. From the experience gained in more than 20 years by the Yodh research’s partners in the field of computer vision is born a full suite of solutions for Face Recognition. 

Video Analytics

The ever increasing number of surveillance cameras in use to control access and increase security of public and private areas is making much more complex the real-time analysis of the scene by the security personnel.

The solution offered by Yodh Research for video analytics surveillance is based on the most advanced neural network techniques. 

The technologies we propose are successfully used as decision support tool in Command & Control centers, as it maximises the efficiency of the security personnel presenting only useful informations, thank to a continuous analysis of the scene based on a flexible neural network structure.

Yodh Research

Yodh Research is a private research organization, unifying research activities with "traditional" production and sales.

Three major areas of interest are:

- ICT with specific competence on the Google/Revevol cloud based solutions, and cooperation tools.

- Applied Research in different technological areas

- Distribution of innovative products in the fields of lighting and robotics

For us in Yodh Research performing Applied Research is not only a mean to express our professional competences, but also a way to to collaborate and build a better future.

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