Information and Communication Technologies


• Microsoft and Open Source Architectures any database and operating environment. Eg. DOT.NET, Java (J2EE, Servlets), Windows, Linux, Unix.

• Languages and Development Framework

• Development languages for programming distributed classical (C #, C ++, etc.).

• Languages / technologies Specific Artificial Intelligence (LISP, Prolog and neural networks)

• Using modern development frameworks such, EJB3, Seam, JPA 2, jBPM user interface with rich Ajax functionality. Development Scale with NoSQL database.


• Yodh Research’s Partners have developed important projects for remote monitoring of critical assets (telecom, healthcare, manufacturing in various sectors), as well as systems of supervision and "Manufacturing Intelligence" for engineering industries in the field of rubber and plastics, chemical, food.

• Project management, process design, analysis workflow, navigation, security, liaison with Business Intelligence, and setting replenish.

Study and design of business processes, change management, design and implementation of business intelligence systems, implementation of systems dedicated to retail issues.

• Consultancy and project management in the field of Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and Navision.

Mobile Computing

• As part of the research programs, mobile computing tools are often privileged.

• Developing Android and iOS smartphones and tablets requires a dedicated expertise because it is necessary to specifically design interfaces and design the entire application as a function of target media.

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